尺寸:200 張/盒, 2000 張/箱
包裝箱尺寸:20×25×50 cm
MOQ:1000 張
付款方式:T/T, Paypal
付運港口 :深圳



ISO / IEC 7810,7816標準ISO卡(薄卡)的物理規格
    • 尺寸: L86×W54×T0.86 (+/- 0.04)mm
    • 重量: 6.8g+/-0.5g
    • 顏色: 白色
    • 柯式,絲印, 燙;金, 銀, 彩金, 彩銀, UV 油印
    • 熱昇華打印, 噴碼,鐳射碼, 打凸碼
    • PVC
    • 光面,啞面
    • 低抗磁條: 300Oe, 350Oe
    • 高抗磁條:650Oe, 2750Oe, 4000Oe
    • 芯片編碼,簽名條,打孔
    • 表面過膜, 保護膜
低頻芯片選擇 125KHz
    • EM4100 / H4100, EM4200 / H4200 EM4102 / H4102, TK4100
    • EM4105, EM4305, EM4469, EM4450
    • T5557 / T5567 / ATA5567, Hitag1, Hitag2, HitagS
高頻芯片選擇 13.56MHz 
    • ISO / IEC 14443 A
      • Mifare 1K S50 / MF1 S50, Mifare 4K S70 / MF1 S70,
      • Mifare 1K-Compatible, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DesFire
    • ISO / IEC 14443 B
      • ST SR176, SRI512, SRIS4K
      • I.CODE SLI SI2 / I.CODE 2, I.CODE 1, LRIS2K, LRI64
    • ISO / IEC 15693
      • INSIDE Picopass 32KS
    • Dual Standard Compliant of ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 15693
      • Tag-IT Ti2048, Tag-IT Ti256, INSIDE 2K, Legic256

Key features

      • 512-bit user memory (G2XM only)
      • 240-bit of EPC memory
      • 64-bit tag identifier (TID) including 32-bit unique serial number
      • Memory read protection
      • EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) command
      • Calibrate command
      • 32-bit kill password to permanently disable the tag
      • 32-bit access password to allow a transition into the secured transmission state
      • Broad international operating frequency: from 840 MHz to 960 MHz
      • Long read/write ranges due to extremely low power design
      • Reliable operation of multiple tags due to advanced anti-collision
      • Forward link: 40-160 kbit/s
      • Return link: 40-640 kbit/s


Key benefits

      • High sensitivity provides long read range
      • Low Q-factor for consistent performance on different materials
      • Improved interference suppression for reliable operation in multi-reader environment
      • Large input capacitance for ease of assembly and high assembly yield
      • Highly advanced anti-collision resulting in highest identification speed
      • Reliable and robust RFID technology suitable for dense reader and noisy environments


Custom commands

      • EAS Alarm

        Enables the UHF RFID tag to be used as EAS tag without the need for a backend data base.

      • Read Protect

        Protects all memory content including CRC16 from unauthorized reading.

      • Calibrate

        Activates permanent back-scatter in order to evaluate the tag-to-reader performance.


Target Applications

      • Supply chain management Item level tagging
      • Item level tagging
      • Asset management
      • Container identification
      • Pallet and case tracking
      • Product authentication
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