ManufacturerChips ModelFrequencyEEPROMISO CompliancePDF
EM MicroelectronicEM4026125 KHz8 byte (read only)nonepdf
EM MicroelectronicEM4100125 KHz8 byte (read only)nonepdf
EM MicroelectronicEM4200125 KHz8 byte (read only)nonepdf
EM MicroelectronicEM4305125 KHz64 bytenonepdf
EM MicroelectronicEM4450125 KHz125 bytenonepdf
EM MicroelectronicEM4550125 KHz125 bytenonepdf
EM MicroelectronicEM4569125 KHz64 byte11784/85pdf
NXPHitag 1 HT1 ICS30125 KHz256 bytenonepdf
NXPHitag 2 HT2 ICS20125 KHz32 byte11784/85pdf
NXPHitag 2 HT2 DC 20 S20125 KHz32 byte11784/85pdf
NXPHitag S HTS ICH56125 KHz32 byte11784/85pdf
NXPHitag S HTS ICH48125 KHz256 byte11784/85pdf
EM MicroelectronicEM403313.56 MHz8 byte15693pdf
EM MicroelectronicEM423313.56 MHz256 byte15693pdf
EM MicroelectronicEM433313.56 MHz4096 byte15693/14443Apdf
InfineonSLE66R3513.56 MHz1024 byte14443Apdf
InfineonSLE55R0413.56 MHz770 byte14443Apdf
InfineonSLE55R1613.56 MHz2560 byte14443Apdf
InfineonSRF55V02P 13.56 MHz256 byte15693pdf
InfineonSRF55V02S13.56 MHz256 byte15693pdf
InfineonSRF55V10P13.56 MHz1024 byte15693pdf
InfineonSRF55V10S13.56 MHz1024 byte15693pdf
InfineonSRF55V01P13.56 MHz52 byte15693pdf
InfineonSRF66V10IT13.56 MHz1016 bytenonepdf
InfineonSRF66V10ST13.56 MHz1016 bytenonepdf
LEGICadvant ATC128-MV13.56 MHz128 byte15693pdf
LEGICadvant ATC256-MV13.56 MHz256 byte15693pdf
LEGICadvant ATC512-MP13.56 MHz512 byte14443pdf
LEGICadvant ATC1024-MV13.56 MHz1024 byte15693pdf
LEGICadvant ATC2048-MP13.56 MHz2048 byte14443pdf
LEGICadvant ATC4096-MP13.56 MHz4096 byte14443pdf
LEGICprime MIM25613.56 MHz256 bytenonepdf
LEGICprime MIM102413.56 MHz1024 bytenonepdf
NXPMifare Ultralight MF0 ICU1x13.56 MHz64 byte14443Apdf
NXPMifare mini MF1 ICS2013.56 MHz320 byte14443Apdf
NXPMifare Standard MF1 ICS5013.56 MHz1024 byte14443Apdf
NXPMifare 4K MF1 ICS7013.56 MHz4096 byte14443Apdf
NXPMifare DESFire MF3 ICD4013.56 MHz4096 byte14443Apdf
NXPI-Code 1 SL1 ICS3013.56 MHz64 bytenonepdf
NXPI-Code 1 HC SL1 ICS3113.56 MHz64 bytenonepdf
NXPI-CODE SL2 ICS2013.56 MHz128 byte15693pdf
NXPI-Code SLI-L SL2 ICS5013.56 MHz64 byte15693pdf
NXPI-Code SLI-L HC SL2 ICS5013.56 MHz64 byte15693pdf
NXPI-Code SLI-S SL2 ICS5313.56 MHz256 byte15693pdf
NXPI-Code SLI-S HC SL2 ICS5413.56 MHz256 byte15693pdf
NXPI-Code EPC SL2 ICS1013.56 MHz17 byteEPCpdf
NXPI-Code UID SL2 ICS1113.56 MHz24 byteEPCpdf
NXPI-Code UID-OPT SL2 ICS1213.56 MHz24 byteEPCpdf
TEXAS INSTRUMENTSTag-it HF-I Plus13.56 MHz256 byte15693pdf
TEXAS INSTRUMENTSTag-it HF-I Standard13.56 MHz32 byte15693pdf
TEXAS INSTRUMENTSTag-it HF-I Pro13.56 MHz32 byte15693pdf
EM MicroelectronicEM4324UHF128 byte 18000-6 Type C & EPCpdf
EM MicroelectronicEM4325UHF256 byte18000-6 Type C & EPC
NXPUCode HSL SL3 ICS30UHF256 bytenonepdf
NXPUCode EPC G2 SL3 ICS10UHF64 byteEPC Gen2pdf
NXPUCode G2XM SL3 ICS1002UHF64 byteEPC Gen2pdf
NXPUCode G2XL SL3 ICS 1202UHFnoneEPC Gen2pdf
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