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Hot stamping card

Product Details
Place of Origin:China
Packing:250 pcs/box, 2500 pcs/carton.
Weight:14kg per carton.
Carton Size: 20×25×50 cm
MOQ:1000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms:T/T, Paypal
Fob Port:Shenzhen

1. Overview of product specifications:

Our hot stamping cards are PVC cards based on ISO/IEC 7810 and 7816 standards. The standard size is L86×W54×T0.76 (+/- 0.04)mm and the weight is 5.8g+/-0.5g. The appearance is mainly white, and the unique feature is the use of hot stamping technology. Gold, silver and other hot stamping effects can be selected to add a sense of luxury and visual appeal to the card.

2. Material characteristics:

  1. Durability: The hot stamping card uses high-quality polyvinyl chloride material, which has excellent durability and can adapt to long-term use and wear.
  2. Elasticity and plasticity: The material of PVC cards has superior plasticity and is easy to be processed into various shapes and sizes to meet the diverse needs of hot stamping cards.
  3. Waterproof: Excellent waterproof properties make hot stamping cards suitable for humid environments, such as applications that require long-term exposure to water.
  4. Printing effect: The surface is smooth, easy to print, capable of presenting high-quality patterns and text, and providing excellent printing effects.
  5. Hot stamping technology: Using advanced hot stamping technology, you can choose gold, silver and other hot stamping effects to enhance the luxury and visual appeal of the card.
  6. Security: You can choose to add barcodes, QR codes, smart chips and other security functions to improve the security of the hot stamping card and are suitable for application scenarios in various industries.

3. Production process:

  1. Raw material selection: Use high-quality polyvinyl chloride raw materials to ensure the stability and durability of the hot stamping card.
  2. Card production: Through advanced processes, including melting, injection molding and calendering steps, the consistency and quality of the hot stamping card shape are ensured.
  3. Printing technology: Use high-resolution printing technology to achieve accurate presentation of fine patterns and text, and support single-sided and double-sided printing.
  4. Hot stamping production: Using sophisticated hot stamping machinery, gold or silver foil is hot stamped on the surface of the card to create a luxurious and unique visual effect.
  5. Security function addition: According to customer needs, security functions such as barcodes, QR codes, and smart chips can be added to improve the security of the hot stamping card.

4. Product specifications:

  1. Size: The standard size is 85.6mm × 54mm, and different sizes can be customized according to customer needs.
  2. Thickness: usually 0.76mm, can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
  3. Surface treatment: You can choose glossy or matte treatment to meet the different appearance requirements of hot stamping cards.
  4. Printing method: CMYK four-color printing is used, and both single-sided and double-sided printing are supported. Customers can choose to customize the printing content, including company logo, text information, etc.
  5. Hot stamping options: Provides a variety of hot stamping effect options such as gold and silver.
  6. Security function options: Barcodes, QR codes, smart chips and other functions can be added according to customer needs.

5. Application areas:

  1. High-end membership card: As a high-end membership card, it provides a sense of dignity and a unique logo to increase member loyalty.
  2. Brand promotion: As part of brand promotion, the bronzing effect enhances the brand image and attracts customer attention.
  3. Special event cards: limited edition cards used for special festivals and events, with collectible value.
  4. High-end gift card: As a high-end gift card, it increases the value and appeal of the gift.
  5. Art Exhibition Tickets: Admission tickets for special exhibitions or art events that convey a sense of dignity and uniqueness.

6. Customized services:

We provide a full range of hot stamping card customization services, and every step from design to production undergoes strict quality control. Our professional team will provide customized solutions based on customer needs to ensure that each hot stamping card can meet the customer's unique requirements.

7. After-sales service:

We are committed to providing excellent after-sales service, including answering product usage questions and performing after-sales repairs. Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

8. Conclusion: With its luxurious feel and unique visual effects, hot stamping cards have become an ideal choice for brand promotion and special events. Thank you for your attention to our products and look forward to working with you to create excellent hot stamping card solutions.

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