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NTAG 215

Product Details
Place of Origin:China
Packing:200 pcs/box, 2000 pcs/carton.
Weight:14kg per carton.
Carton Size: 20×25×50 cm
MOQ:1000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms:T/T, Paypal
Fob Port:Shenzhen


  1. Contactless data and energy transmission: data transmission and energy supply via contactless means without external power supply.
  2. Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz: Works at an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz, ensuring efficient data processing.
  3. Data transmission: 106 kbit/s: Provides high-speed data transmission to ensure a fast reading and writing experience.
  4. Data Integrity: 16-bit CRC, parity, bit encoding, bit counting: Data integrity is ensured through multiple detection mechanisms.
  5. Operating distance: up to 100mm: ensures reliable operating distance depending on different parameters such as field strength and antenna geometry.
  6. 7-digit serial number: complies with ISO/IEC 14443-3 standard and provides a unique identification number.
  7. UID ASCII mirroring: used to automatically convert serial numbers into NDEF messages to simplify data serialization.
  8. Automatic NFC counter: triggered by a read command and adding an ASCII image of the NFC counter value in the NDEF message.
  9. ECC-based originality signature: offers the possibility of customization and permanent locking.
  10. Quick Read Command: Quick read in a way that improves efficiency.
  11. True Collision Protection: Features reliable collision protection for multi-label environments.
  12. 50 pF input capacitance: Features 50 pF input capacitance to ensure stability.


  1. 180, 540 or 924 bytes, organized into 45, 135 or 231 pages of 4 bytes per page: offers a variety of storage capacity options to meet a variety of application needs.
  2. 144, 504 or 888 bytes of free user read/write area: Provides a large amount of user free space to facilitate customized applications.
  3. 4-byte initialization container: with one-time programmable access bit to ensure data security.
  4. Programmable read-only lock function for each page (first 16 pages): Provides programmable read-only lock function for the first 16 pages.
  5. Programmable read-only locking feature for each double page beyond the first 16 pages: further protects data security.
  6. Configurable Password Protection: Provides configurable password protection against unsuccessful attempts.
  7. Anti-tear support for Capability Containers (CC) and lock bits: Supports the function of preventing anti-tear to protect data.
  8. ECC-based originality signature support: offers the possibility of customization and permanent locking.

Application scenarios:

  1. Intelligent advertising: Integrate NTAG 215 into billboards to achieve real-time updates of intelligent advertising content.
  2. Product and equipment identity verification: Used to confirm the authenticity of goods and equipment and prevent counterfeiting.
  3. Call request: In public places, call requests are sent through proximity cards.
  4. SMS trigger: Apply NTAG 215 to SMS trigger to realize information sharing and promotion.
  5. Call Action: Use the card to call a specific action, such as visiting a website or making a phone call.
  6. Coupons and discount coupons: As electronic coupons, they are convenient for users to obtain and use.
  7. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing: Convenient pairing of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices through the card.
  8. Connection handover: For seamless connection and data transfer between products.
  9. Product Authentication: In a retail environment, used to verify the authenticity and origin of a product.
  10. Mobile companion labels: Apply cards to mobile applications as labels to accompany information.
  11. Electronic shelf labels: In retail environments, used to implement the functions of electronic shelf labels.
  12. Business cards: Apply NTAG 215 to business cards to realize information sharing and contact information storage.

Overall, the NTAG 215 NFC card provides users with a flexible and efficient solution through its diverse functions and wide range of application scenarios.

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